The International Business Center Monheim (IBC Monheim) is an ideal location for entrepreneurs and investors from Germany and abroad. Through its innovative concept of support and assistance IBC Monheim offers ideal conditions for businesses on international level.

The services offered are flexible, tailored to the individual requirements of customers and partners. Besides company formation, IBC Monheim offers the entire infrastructure from setting up, consultation before and after, correspondence with government officials, preparation of business plans, getting the contracts and applications ready, offering office space with meeting rooms, company address, telephone service and furthermore.

With the help of the management team of IBC Monheim your company can be actively supported even after its formation pertaining to the requirements like preparation of networks and contacts to potential business partners, consultation regarding legal, strategic and taxation matters or assistance in management services.

The objective here is promotion of business activities of a business partner or an investor while using the advantages of the location of Monheim and the region around.

IBC Monheim also offers several investment projects besides formation of the company, where investors can participate. Such investment options in Germany are real estate projects or shareholdings or acquisitions of companies. This enables the investors to invest in Germany without a concrete business objective. This is done with the help of an experienced team based on attractive conditions. IBC Monheim also assists investors and companies as well as their families with application of a correct visa – as per their individual requirement.

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