Services of International Business Center Monheim

International Business Center Monheim is your professional partner in building and developing your company in Germany. It also offers profit making investment projects – with an integrated approach from a single provider.

Prior to every investment decision or formation of a company with IBC Monheim, a detailed legal, taxation and strategic consultation takes place. IBC Monheim takes care of the entire bureaucratic formalities of the procedure. Experts of IBC Monheim management team also support in matters of foreign nationality and applying for the correct visa. 

With respect to the provision of infrastructure you have the option to choose the support services you require from your partner IBC Monheim. Additional support services are administrative activities, legal and taxation consultancy, accounting and bookkeeping services, required networking, marketing activities and PR, further management activities. IBC Monheim is a lot more than just a business center – it is a business partner with a team whose expertise are accessible to you any time.

Besides supporting you in your business activities, IBC Monheim also offers a range of investment projects. These are infrastructure or real estate projects – shareholdings or acquisition of a company. We, with our IBC network will be glad to discuss our current investment options with you personally.



For formation and further development of your company, IBC Monheim offers following professional Set-Up:

  • Formation of a GmbH
  • Statute multilingual
  • A managing director contract
  • A detailed consultancy in legal, strategic and taxation matters
  • Putting together a business plan
  • Business registration
  • Registration with the tax office and further official bodies
  • Application for a company number
  • Supporting the application procedure of a correct visa – like the business visa, residence card (later unlimited) with work permit or investors visa which can later be converted to German passport.
  • Application of a family visa, support in visa extension as well as for foreigner’s office visits
  • Guidance in taxation and legal matters related to the company
  • Bank account opening
  • Provision of individual, need-based Set-up
  • Optional: Introduction to attractive and suitable investment projects (real estate investments, shareholdings in companies and further current projects)



The International Business Center Monheim offers infrastructure for national and international companies. This includes provision of:

  • On-demand office spaces
  • Legal and taxation guidance
  • Service staff and reception in IBC
  • Telephone service
  • Company address
  • Post-box and mailing service
  • IT and IP (Web, Cloud, etc.)
  • Meeting rooms

These services are included in each package as the basic option.

Further options which can be booked are:

  • Support in management execution of your GmbH
  • Execution of administrative and secretarial activities
  • Strategic consultancy
  • Marketing: provision of contacts to potential business partners and networking events
  • Further services like PR, marketing, digitalization, networking events and human resources consulting




As a result of many years of know-how in the real estate business, acquisition of enterprise participations and in the realization of own business activities, the IBC accompanies and advises you in your project.