A strong and experienced partner is needed for business development and expansion for you here in Germany. One who has a thorough knowledge of the market coupled with years of experience and relevant business network. IBC Monheim exactly combines these competencies. The team has an excellent standing in the strategic, legal and taxation matters as well as in the field of capital investment, real estate and interconnectedness in Germany’s business market.

One of our shareholders has an extensive knowledge in the field of capital investment. He was in the leadership position handling a range of projects at Deutsche Bank AG for over 15 years and was responsible for global markets. He is the CEO of one of the most renowned public limited companies in the real estate market in Germany –which is specialized in real estate investment, real estate consulting  and real estate management. With a further shareholder together, they have an extensive network and contacts business partners and companies. As strategic partners, they look over the activities of IBC Monheim continuously and are available as consultants for its projects.

In the legal area IBC collaborates with a large law firm active in business consulting. The law firm employs about 400 lawyers, tax consultants and notaries at eight locations in Germany.
IBC Monheim is professionally positioned in the area of law of foreign nationals by the collaboration with a law firm specialized in this field. The responsible lawyer has a long-standing experience consulting foreign companies wishing to enter and expand in German market. This is especially in the field of business interest, entity formation in accordance with the German law, legal agreements and residence and visa applications.

Get to know our team personally – we look forward to welcoming you!