Introduction of IBC Monheim

IBC Monheim avails all the mentioned advantages of this location (refer to “Location Monheim”) offering ideal conditions for entrepreneurs and investors through its innovative concept of support and assistance. The services of IBC Monheim are flexible, tailored to the individual requirements of customers and partners. They can be availed in form of smaller or more comprehensive packages. The most significant activities are summarized as follows:

  • Company formation: IBC Monheim provides extensive support for formation of your company. Especially important is the consultancy provided in strategic and business-related matters. Legal and taxation matters can also be taken care of which are quite crucial.
  • Infrastructure & set-up: IBC Monheim provides the entire infrastructure like office space, company address, telephone service etc. as well as a complete set-up for the investor. Such a set-up consists of company formation process with relevant assistance by the management team. Further support services can also be booked with IBC Monheim like e.g. administrative activities, creation of necessary network, marketing activities or executing management tasks.
  • Investments: IBC Monheim has more to offer than formation of your own company with relevant business activities. In accordance with the city of Monheim and the district, IBC Monheim has different projects for interested investors. Participating in these investment projects with continuous reimbursement as well as the interest, investors can develop their business with the help of IBC Monheim. This is especially for investors without a concrete business objective in mind and who would like to start a business in Germany. The projects range from real estate options, investments in other infrastructure projects or even acquisition of companies of various industries and sizes.
  • Network & Visa: A very important support given by IBC Monheim is providing relevant business network and contacts in Germany. A continuous and active guidance for entrepreneurs and investors is vital in this regard. Furthermore, assistance is provided in the application procedure for the correct visa for you as an investor and to your family - as per your requirement.